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About us
  • R K SWAMY Hansa Group is the largest Indian majority owned integrated marketing services provider in India having more than five decades of experience offering a single-window solution for creative, media, data analytics and market research services.

  • We believe that we are well positioned to leverage our core competitive strengths, which have been built over five decades. Depending on our clients’ needs, we leverage our interrelated and complementary business segments to provide support to our clients, in one or multiple aspects of the media and marketing value chain.

    R K Swamy
  • We have a 15 year track record in the Data Analytics and Marketing Technology segment, with a proven ability of producing digital content at scale, a leader in the business of market research.

    R K Swamy
  • The world of Digital means there is a constant stream of data, since consumers leave their digital footprint everywhere through their interactions with companies, as well as during their online behaviour and journeys. There are various MarTech tools to analyse and make sense of this vast data stream, and to assist with customer engagement through Apps, emails, chat bots, text messages, direct calling and messaging platforms. Our services utilise MarTech tools and platforms to assist our clients from engaging with their consumers on a continuous basis. Such campaign outcomes are trackable for response, messages can be tested for efficacy and overall campaign effectiveness can be assessed on an ongoing basis. Campaigns produce their own responses and streams of data, and this can be further analysed and acted upon. Our teams comprising of data consultants and managers, certified platform specialists and marketing and communication experts assist our clients through a collaborative approach, and help them take data-driven decisions. Through our MarTech offerings, we manage customer interactions for our clients. Our dedicated team of consultants, analysts, data scientists and campaign management specialists collaborate to implement technology-led campaigns that empower our Clients to make data-driven decisions.

    R K Swamy
  • 1. We have grown our businesses organically based on our response to market trends and client requirements progressively over the last five decades.

    2. We have well established brands across segments with experienced Promoters and a professional Senior Management.

    3. Established internal infrastructure for efficient delivery of services

    R K Swamy
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  • R K SWAMY — Creative Services
  • R K SWAMY — Media Services
  • R K SWAMY — Integrated Digital
  • R K SWAMY — Healthcare Content & Digital
  • R K SWAMY — Social Rural Direction
  • R K SWAMY — Brand & Market Consulting
  • Hansa Events
  • Hansa MedCell
  • Hansa Outdoor
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